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So this past weekend I did two things that had been on my Washington State Bucket List since I first learned of them.  Once I knew the dates of the Chehalis Garlic Festival I knew that was the weekend to hit up the Chehalis Garlic Festival as well as Wolf Haven International.  There was a point where I almost thought it wasn’t going to happen but I made sure it did.

For those not in the know Wolf Haven International is a wildlife rehabilitation and management 501 non-profit organization headquartered in Tenino, Washington, that focuses on wolves.  The four key things they work on/towards are:

  • Providing sanctuary for captive born wolves
  • Educating the public on the value of all wildlife
  • Promoting wolf restoration
  • Protecting our remaining wild wolves and their habitat

If you live in Washington I highly recommend taking a day trip down to Tenino to check out Wolf Haven it’s an amazing place, very educational and the wolves are beautiful.  Two notes, they are closed the whole month of February while the wolves are in heat and they only have port-a-potty as restrooms, gross I know but consider yourself warned.

Next on my agenda for the day was heading farther south to Chehalis to finally after about 10 years of knowing this festival existed I made it to the Chehalis Garlic Festival!  Let me tell you it did not disappoint at all, garlic, more garlic and when you thought there couldn’t be any more garlic there was.  I first did a loop of the place to get my whereabouts and see everything they had to offer.   The exhibit halls were typical ‘fair’ exhibit halls one with mostly crafts, one with mostly products with garlic items thrown around in between each.

Outside is where the food was and they had everything.  I sampled a few things, the deep fried garlic, which was exactly as it sounded, cloves of garlic, battered and deep fried, not that great, I expected something more or better, after one and a half cloves I was done.  They had garlic fro-yo and ice cream, I decided to be healthy and went for the fro-yo which was better than you’d expect.  It was on the sweet side with that spiciness that garlic can add to a dish.  I added the crystallized ginger to it to which added a nice contract to the flavor but after four bites I was done.  I splurged and got some garlic kettle corn too now that was tasty, with the sweet and spicy combo it was a party in my mouth.  I also picked up one garlic sea salt caramel which I’ve yet to try, trying to work up the courage on that one.  After the kettle corn and the sampling of products in the exhibit halls I was garlic-ed out and headed home.

Traffic was a B.I.T.C.H. my 90 minute drive home took me over 3 hours I had to pee so bad I almost pulled a For A Good Time Call but I had no cup to pee in, sucked to be me.  The worst part was that traffic was just due to being Sunday afternoon in Washington!

In case you like garlic and want to check out the Chehalis Garlic Festival next year or the year after here are the proposed dates for the future festivals, and yes they are already on my calendar:

  • August 23-24, 2014
  • August 28-30, 2015
  • August 26-28, 2016

Here are some pictures from my adventure day some taken with my Cannon others with my phone, enjoy.

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One day I’ll learn how to better format pictures I insert in the meantime I’ll have to deal with the clumsiness of how they look.