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Vacation All I ever wanted; Vacation Had to get away

A couple weeks ago I went on vacation with a good friend of mine to Lake Chelan and it was amazing.  Lake Chelan is beautiful and since we were there ‘off’ season it was nice and quiet and relaxing.  Here’s a little recap with pictures for your visual pleasure.[1]

mobile 005 mobile 007 mobile 009
Day 1 started off with our drive from Seattle to Lake Chelan.  We stopped in Leavenworth for lunch and decided on Mozart Cafe it was a good call on our part.  That night we enjoyed some wine and a fun game of Mexican Train.

mobile 002 mobile 006Lake Chelan 016

Day 2 I woke up with a ‘broken eye’ also known as epi scleritis, I tried to pretend it was ok but it wasn’t, it HURT and I didn’t have any eye drops with me.  I called my doctor’s office to see if they could send a Rx to a pharmacy in Lake Chelan but whoever answered the phone said NO.  So Margaret being the nicest person ever drove me back to Seattle so I could get some drops and take care of my eye.    On our drive back to Lake Chelan we stopped in Sultan at Galaxy Chocolates and it made everything all better.  If you are ever driving through Sultan stop in and try anything they make.  I LOVE their salted caramels they are probably the best I’ve ever had with a nice variety to pick from.  This night I walked over to Don Morse Park to grab a few pictures of the beautiful sunset.

Lake Chelan 007 Lake Chelan 009 Lake Chelan 023 mobile 015 mobile 031 mobile 034

Day 3 we were finally able to explore the area.   We drove around to get the lay of the land so we speak.  We stopped at the Old Mill Park, Willow Point Park, did some cheese tasting at Fromaggio Artisan Cheese Shoppe and Lake Chelan Cheese, while there we also tasted wine at Lake Chelan Winery, later in the day we headed over to Chelan Riverwalk Park, and then took a drive to Pateros,  on our way back I saw a sigh for Chelan Falls so we headed there thinking we might see a waterfall, it was all lies there were no waterfalls.

Lake Chelan 001 Lake Chelan 007 Lake Chelan 010 Lake Chelan 025 Lake Chelan 037 Lake Chelan 052 Lake Chelan 071 Lake Chelan 080 mobile 067Lake Chelan 082 Lake Chelan 090 Lake Chelan 104

Day 4 we decided to spend the day taking the Lady of the Lake to Stehekin, WA and Rainbow Falls, it was a long but beautiful boat ride up the lake and if you have the time I’d do it.  That night we enjoyed a lovely cheese plate from the cheese we picked up on day 3, OMG best cheese plate ever!  After my cheese coma I walked over to Don Morse Park again to grab a few pictures of the beautiful sunset.

Lake Chelan 001 Lake Chelan 002 mobile 004 mobile 005 mobile 008

Day 5 we planned brunch at Blueberry Hills, holy cow if you ever go to Lake Chelan be sure to eat at least one meal at Blueberry Hills.  Once our bellies were filled to the rim we started some wine tasting with stops at Hard Row to HoeWapato Point CellarsC.R. Sandidge, I’ll write more about the wineries at the end.

mobile 006 mobile 013 mobile 017 mobile 027 mobile 045  mobile 061mobile 056

Day 6 we did some more wine tasting with stops at Benson VineyardChelan RidgeCairdeasKarma vineyardsChelan Estate Winery & VineyardTunnel Hill Winery, we had packed a lunch and in between our wine tasting we drove up to Field Point Landing  and had a picnic lunch.  This is also one of the stops if you are taking the Lady of the Lake, it was a nice stop and I’d recommend stopping there to check out the views.

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Day 7 our last full day in Lake Chelan we did a little wine tasting with stops at Nefarious and Rio Vista Wines, with a lunch stop back at Blueberry Hills and it was just as delicious as brunch on day 5.  That night we walked over to the Lakeview Drive-in  for milkshakes, fries and onion rings and it was well worth it, it might have been the best chocolate shake around super thick and chocolaty and their fry sauce is good stuff.

mobile 006

Day 8 we packed up the car and headed west through the pass back to Seattle and I wasn’t ready to end my vacation but had too.

So more on the wine of Lake Chelan…let’s see if you like thin, immature, tannin-y wines you’d like the wines in Lake Chelan but if you like a fruit forward smooth wines you won’t.  The only winery that I really enjoyed was C.R. Sandidge they had the best wine we tried all week.  The coolest winery visit was at Karma, they have an underground wine cave that they provide tours and tastings in and was very cool and educational, especially if you prefer ‘Champagne’ over wine.  My least favorite was Wapato Point Cellars and we found out the some of the wines they were tasting had just been bottled 3-4 weeks ago.  Though the majority of the wineries/tasting rooms had some of the most amazing views which is why I took pictures of them not the wines.

A few things I learned this trip:

  • The High Kill Area warning sign is true saw a hit deer on the side of the road. However I have no idea if the Big Horn Sheep caution sign is real or not since I didn’t see any, I looked and looked thought. 😦
  • Grocery stores make great bathroom stops, never thought to stop at one before.
  • In the pass there’s No Pedestrian Hitchhiking Permitted, but apparently non-pedestrian hitchhiking is?

[1] I schedule this to post the morning to May 15th 2015 instead of 2014, opps so rescheduling for now.


Pink Macaroons and A Million Balloons and Performing Baboons


So in case you weren’t aware or didn’t see my post on Facebook  this morning today is National Macaroon Day since I prefer the French Macaron with just one “o” to the coconut macaroon with two “o’s”  I decided I’d celebrate with French Macarons instead of the shredded coconut Macaroon’s because shredded coconut in my mouth is a bad idea.

Before meeting Ashley for brunch at Macrina Bakery & Café I stopped in at Bakery Nouveau and picked up four macarons for us to split: mint, peanut butter & jelly, salted caramel and blueberry, more on these later.  Macrina Bakery had chocolate coconut macaroons so Ashely and I ordered one to split because it was National Macaroon Day after all and upon splitting it and trying it, it was reconfirmed I’m not a fan of the texture of shredded coconut in my mouth it brings on a gag reflex, so I didn’t even eat my half but at least I tried it.

Our next stop was Le Fournil were I tried a raspberry and Ashley tried a chocolate, these were both of our least favorites, they tasted like they’d been sitting around in the fridge for a long while, I wasn’t a big fan.  Next up we headed to Honore Artisan Bakery where we both tried their hazelnut which tasted amazing and much better than Le Fournil.  After that we headed to Le Rêve Bakery where they only had two flavors to pick from vanilla and lemon, I chose lemon and Ashley chose the vanilla.  They were great, I really like the texture and the very fresh lemony flavor of mine, Ashley liked hers as well but it was after all just a plain vanilla macaron.

OK back to Bakery Nouveau’s see I meant to bring them in for brunch but left them in my car and with Ashley driving we had to wait to try them after all others were tasted and even after sitting in my car and the fillings melting they were both our favorites I had the mint and blueberry with the mint being my winner of the day.  Ashley had the peanut butter & jelly and salted caramel and she also agreed these were her favorites too.  Now on UFC fight nights I have a feeling I’ll be tasked with picking some up on my way over…

mobile 005

Bakery Nouveau’s blueberry, peanut butter & jelly, salted caramel and mint macarons

mobile 010

Le Fournil chocolate coconut macaroon

mobile 012

Le Fournil chocolate and raspberry macarons

mobile 014

Honore Artisan Bakery two hazelnut macaroons

mobile 018

Le Rêve Bakery vanilla and lemon macarons

And in case you were wondering five French macarons and 1/4 macaroon is a lot of sugar for one person in one day.  🙂