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Mic check one, two ‘Cause it aint a party ’till the crew run through.

Mic check one, two ‘Cause it aint a party ’till the crew run through.

Is this thing still on? *tap tap*

I think it’s time I wake Mitzie Knows Best from the dead.   I am going to start using it again, hopefully….well I have good intentions to at least and I might even update the site a little who knows.

So as you, the one reader I have, realize I’m not dead.  But a lot has changed; my mother is doing amazingly better which we are all thankful for.  I was laid off once again and after seven months of unemployment finally landed a job doing what I love to do in the only industry I’ve ever worked in and just past my first 90 days there so yay me!  And I got to stay in Seattle so double yay me!!

  • In those 90 days I had some amazing bus adventures that I really need to document somewhere and maybe it will be here who knows.
    • One driver stop at a normal bus stop in front of a Jack in the Box and proceeded to get out, go inside the JITB and about 4 maybe 5 minutes later came back out and continued driving the bus.
    • One morning another driver announced that he was sick and he as getting off the bus, we could stay on the bus or we could get off the bus but he was getting off the bus, so we all basically got off the bus and went looking for a new bus to finish our commute to work.
    • One evening home a man who was not 100% sober got on the bus with a lite cigarette and a passenger on the bus had to knock it out of his hand to put it out, the bus driver kicked him off at the next stop.
    • One night a construction worker getting off the bus knocked me upside the head with this helmet as he was getting off without apologizing.
    • One morning a ‘homeless’ looking person got on the bus stood in front of me with his ass to my face and proceeded to rip the loudest and nastiest fart I’ve smelt in Seattle, rated right up there with some my brother an nephew rip, it was so bad my eyes watered and I dry heaved a little.
  • I still love a bullet point and hyperlinks, that hasn’t changed.
  • I enjoyed four different restaurants that participated in Seattle Restaurant Week:
    • Orfeo where I started with their charcoal roasted mussels with garlic, rosemary, preserved lemon and black pepper where were phenomenal I must say.  For my main dish I chose the slow braised pork short rib with soft polenta, wilted greens and a Chianti reduction, it was delicious.  For dessert I went with the chocolate budino with pistachio gelato and toshi cherries and it was just meh.  I’d definitely go back for the mussels and pork short ribs.
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    • Blueacre Seafood I started with their silky pumpkin bisque with butter poached chanterelle mushroom and black truffle crème it was just ok, a little flat in flavor if you will.  After that I moved on to the red curry Neah Bay rockfish with delicata squash, sweet corn, pickled vegetable and  steamed rice again it was on the flat side when it came to flavor and definitely needed more of the curry, the curry on its own was delicious but there wasn’t enough to enjoy with the rockfish.  For dessert I went with the chocolate pecan pie with bourbon Chantilly and a cocoa nib caramel this is where they redeemed themselves sort of, it was the one highlight of the meal, well this and the happy hour oysters not part of SRW that I had before my meal.
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    • RN74 I tried lunch here so only two courses were had the Heritage bacon deviled Eggs with pickled & crispy shallots and holy deviled eggs batman they were amazing of you like deviled eggs go try them.  For my second course I went in thinking I wanted the marinated chicken “Teriyaki” salad with crispy rice, iceberg, and a sesame dressing but then I saw Roasted “Paris ” mushroom risotto with maitake Mushrooms, aged balsamic and sarvecchio I have to say this was hands down the BEST risotto I’ve ever had period point blank it was wonderful and now I am going to copy Michael Mina and put an aged balsamic reduction in all my mushroom risottos.  RN74 NAILED it for restaurant week in my book.
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    • Liam’s I started with their Penn Cove Mussels  in a spice curry cream with chili oil and grilled bread they were nice with a tiny bit of heat but Orfeo’s mussels were still better.  Next I had their Beecher’s “World’s Best” Crab Mac & Cheese with Dungeness Crab, dried tomatoes and grilled onions when it arrived it wasn’t what I thought it would be forgetting about the dried tomatoes in it but it was good, and I only ate a third so I could have room for dessert and I’m so happy I did because not only did I get a delicious dinner the next time as I had my mac & cheese for dinner but I also had room for my dessert their chocolate parfait with salted caramel and chocolate cookie crumble and OMFG this was by far the best dessert out of the whole bunch I seriously wanted to lick the dish clean but my mother raised me better than that so I refrained but it was worth every calorie it housed.
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