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You are an obsession. You’re my obsession – Early Spring 2014 edition

My current obsessions of the now:


You are an obsession. You’re my obsession – Winter 2014 edition

Things I’m currently obsessed with in no particular order:

  • Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes – These make washing my face at night so convenient I love the ease of them.
  • Bare Mineral Ready bronzer the skinny dip – When I wear this I look like I just came back from vacation with a nice tan and it doesn’t make me look like a Jersey Shore wannabe!
  • My Minnetonka – I feel like I’m my father wearing my slippers outside, so comfy.
  • Sandwiches – They are comforting and delicious and there are so many options like a bahn mi, grilled cheese, peanut butter & jelly, BLT’s, Paseo’s, ‘po boys, hoagies, cheese steaks, so many wonderful options.
  • Mommasgonecity #theoandbeau Instagram napping pics – Oh the cuteness, if you haven’t seen these pictures go check them out, I die each time.
  • My new swear word(s) – “Jesus Christ” no idea where I picked it up from but it’s been coming out of my mouth as if I was dropping f-bombs instead I’m dropping JC bombs, sorry JC.
  • The Taste season 2 – I love how a single bite can make or break a contestant and I love any show someone gets kicked off of each week.
  • Astro Mini External Battery – Never again do I have to worry when my iPhone battery starts getting low, well as long as I have my Astro Mini External Battery and iPhone USB cord.
  • All things Polygamy (especially the FLDS & Warren Jeffs) – I can’t watch or read enough on polygamy, sister wives and the crazy that is the FLDS.  No I don’t want to join but reading and watching it is fascinating like a train wreck I can’t turn away from.
  • Sinfulicious – I love my personalized lotion and body scrub it smells like cotton candy and is AWESOME.  If you are ever in San Diego go to Seaport Village and make yourself some personalized bath and body products they are AMAZING.
  • Ellen’s sometime guest DJ Loni Love – She cracks my shit up and now I want to watch all her stand-up bits on YouTube, read her book and I want to see her the next time she comes to Seattle.
  • YouTube Beauty channels – Yes I’m learning about beauty products from young girls videoing themselves in their bedroom, it’s weird I know.
  • Benefits They’re Real mascara– After seeing many YouTube Beauty “guru’s” talk about this mascara I bit the bullet and purchased it and started using it right away and now I’m hooked I think I might love it ever more than my beloved Prescriptives Lash Envy Volumizing Mascara
  • Pacific Northwest winter sunsets – I mean how could you not be obsessed with them?  They are all over my Instagram feed.

I wonder what I’ll be obsessed with next!  What are your obsessions?

I’ve been living so long with my pictures of you; That I almost believe that the pictures are all I can feel

I meant to post this back on the 2nd of January but it somehow got lost or I forgot I don’t know which.  But I wanted to show my top 20 most liked Instagram pictures of 2013, they were a nice mixture of my favorite things to photograph: food, sunsets, and water.


My #1 photo, of course it’s a sunset.


My #2 photo, oh surprise another sunset


My #3 photo, oh look a man standing on water, heh


My #4 photo, The Cleveland Dam in Vancouver, BC


My #5 photo, my San Diego happy place the Imperial Beach Pier at sunset


My #6 photo, one of my most favorite places ever Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach


My #7 photo, Art at the Ballard Locks


My #8 photo, oh look cloud porn from Constellation Park


My #9 photo, delicious blueberry scones from Shaughnessy Restaurant at the VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver, BC


My #10 photo, my favorite flowers Gerber daisies!


My #11 photo, beautiful cherry blossoms!


My #12 photo, a crane chillin’ on the sound at Constellation Park


My #13 photo, another sunset with bonus surfers from the Imperial Beach Pier


My #14 photo, money, money, money after a trip to Snoqualmie Casino


My #15 photo, Foodporn at it’s finest, Mexican funnel cake from the Del Mar Fair, I mean San Diego Fair


My #16 photo, Oh look it’s my San Diego happy place again the Imperial Beach Pier


My #17 photo, playing with my fish eye lens at Jack Block Park


My #18 photo, Lady Liberty in at Alki Beach


My #19 photo, more foodporn, my favorite Cabo combo from Rubio’s


My #20 photo, oh look more food, Grilled Pork & Eggroll noodle bowl from Saigon Bistro Cafe


What Trouble We Could Get Into In Sweet Home San Diego

My week in San Diego in Instagram…

Day 1 aDay 1 bDay 1 c
Mt Rainier/Mt St Helen’s/Sunset on the wing

Day 2 aDay 2 bDay 2 c
3 beef rolled tacos – BARF/3 chicken rolled tacos – YUM/Pizookie trio from BJ’s

Day 3 b
CSI slot machine at Barona

Day 4 aDay 4 cDay 4 dDay 4 eDay 4 fDay 4 gDay 4 hDay 4 iDay 4 jDay 4 k

My Bunny/J St Marina/Art at Chula Vista Bayside Park/Neiderfrank’s!/Chocolate Mexicano/Imperial Beach Pier/IB/Surfer at IB/IB/IB Pier

Day 5 aDay 5 bDay 5 c
Day 5 d
Dogfish Head Black & Blue/Regal Beagle Ale House/Jalapeno & cheddar sausage with tots/I am Jess Spano for the night

Day 6 aDay 6 bDay 6 cDay 6 dDay 6 eDay 6 fDay 6 gDay 6 hDay 6 iDay 6 j
Dusty Trails ‘tattoo’/Dusty running the obstacle course/Running barrels/The border fence/The Bullring by the Sea/Border Patrol ‘protecting’ hard at work/The most southwest you can go in the contential United States before the Border Patrol yell at you/Shrimp & fish taco/Superman head bobbin’/Thrifty ice cream date with the ‘rents


Day 7 aDay 7 bDay 7 cDay 7 dDay 7 eDay 7 fDay 7 gDay 7 hDay 7 iDay 7 jDay 7 kDay 7 lDay 7 n
San Diego sunburn/Happy Father’s Day Dad/Gettin’ my church on/Cathie’s BLT Mary/Andy’s sage fried chicken and bacon waffle tower/Blurry family photo taken by the waiter/Deep fried bacon pickle/Mexican Funnel Cake BEST.THING.EVER/Grey blue black pearl/Deep fried avocado = GROSS/Wilbur or Babe!/Big black cock rooster/Austin not impressed with his Aunt Mitzie


Day 8 a
Last meal in San Diego, shrimp torta from Miguel’s

San Diego you burned me good, but you also fed me well, until next time.