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I’m the guy that dies at the beginning of the movie

During my self-imposed West Seattle pretend bear hibernation due to 99 being closed, I watched a lot (to me) movies I kept thinking the next one would be better, it kind of did but not so much, all thanks to my new cable box, free STARZ and free ENCORE.

Captain Phillips – I had wanted to see this movie for the story but didn’t want to pay to see Tom Hanks because I don’t care for him.  I can say I’m glad I didn’t have to pay to watch it and could entertain myself with my laptop while watching it because it did nothing for me.  Plus it reconfirmed that I still don’t like Tom Hanks.  I now know why it didn’t win any Emmy’s or Golden Globes.

Before Midnight – Another one I wanted to see in the theater this time because I wanted to finish out the trilogy.  I have to say this was my least favorite with Before Sunrise being my favorite of the three.  I guess I’d rather see them fall in love than bicker and argue.

Frozen – I finally watched Frozen and I can tell you that no I do not want to build a snowman nope sure don’t and I have no desire to let it go. I still don’t get the hype over it but then again I’ve never been a fan of animated movies.

The Lone Ranger – Johnny Depp once again fully committed to his role and he was awesome.  I don’t understand why it was deemed one of the biggest box office disasters of 2013 it wasn’t that bad, better than Frozen and Captain Phillips.

I did more than spend all day on the couch watching movies, I walked to brunch, went to Bartell’s, got a pedicure, saw Balconies at Annex Theatre which was really kind of funny, and rewarded myself with some Molly Moon’s ice cream.

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It’s not a homeless life for me

I thought I’d share some of my most recent San Diego observations:

  • Everyone likes to back in to park but not everyone is an expert at it.
  • Males wear 10x more cologne than females wear perfume.
  • Guys don’t care if you’re fat if you have boobs they will flirt with your boobs not necessarily your face.
  • There is always room for ice cream it’s a requirement to keep cool.
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  • Hillcrest has delicious brunches.
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  • Cupcakes are sent from heaven.
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  • Mexican food is essential to stay alive in San Diego.
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  • It’s pretty creepy when doves cry.
  • Jeans are the bane of my existence, sweaty knees suck.
  • San Diego is lacking a Slurpee delivery service. Scratch that my father is the best Slurpee delivery service ever.
  • The homeless in San Diego have some of the best signs ever.
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  • San Diego spells country KSON.
  • Animal Planets “Finding Bigfoot” marathons are painful to watch. If they’ve had ‘sightings’ why hasn’t one been caught or at least remains of one found?  Why oh why does my father love this show.
  • San Diego’s airport Terminal 1 is old and the bathroom are disgusting Alaska Airlines please make them clean it up, the recent remodel did nothing more than putting lipstick on a pig and bring back Rubio’s.
  • San Diego water filtered through a Brita filter taste nothing like Seattle water filtered through a Brita filter.
  • Chorizo corn-dogs are the shit.
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  • Google image search has nothing on what Cellulitis actually looks like in real life, this is yet something else my mother has.