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There’s such a distance between you and your family

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I learned a few more things this past trip to San Diego:

  • The power of prayer and positive thoughts is an amazing thing.
  • Driving in the car with my father driving is like an E-ticket attraction at Disneyland and I’m too young to ever have experienced one.
  • People in San Diego use umbrellas to block the sun where as in Seattle tourist use them to block the rain.
  • Clean cut men > beaded hipster.
  • San Diego has so many options for French fries, and I attempted to try them all.   mobile 015 mobile 002 mobile 002 mobile 079

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  • I’m beginning to think I’m not my father’s daughter after all he LOVES Denver omelet they have bell peppers in them. Seriously WTF?!?!  Gross!
  • 87% humidity is about 80% too much for me.
  • Who puts mayo in their guacamole? Oh my father does that’s who. WTF?!??
  • Dad’s make great Slurpee delivery service. mobile 004
  • Communion “wine” still tastes disgusting and I had to ‘pay’ to take communion, so strange.
  • Elrose Ct has an amazing barter system going on. Bacon for avocados and onions for beans.
  • San Diego’s rush hour traffic has NOTHING on Seattle hour traffic.
  • Cops love to pull people over in SD saw at least two a day, no I did not get pulled over.
  • A yellow stop light means speed up, a red stop light means 2 or 3 more cars can go.
  • Per my dad in the early/mid 70’s you didn’t go into a bar in IB without a gun.
  • BC plates in Seattle are much better drives than BC plates in San Diego.
  • I really like 65 mph speed limits.
  • You can get jet lag without changing time zones.