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You are an obsession. You’re my obsession – Early Spring 2014 edition

My current obsessions of the now:


I’m gonna wash that man right outa my hair, And send him on his way

Back in 2009 I was introduced to the concept of dry shampoo, was told how awesome and amazing it is and I thought why not give it a try so I did.  I bought Tresemme Fresh Start and let it sit on my bathroom counter for a month before giving it a try.  OMG it was awful, just like spraying smelly, gross, white cement in my hair.  And I couldn’t understand everyone’s love for it.  A few years later more people raving about dry shampoo and I thought really who likes putting wet cement in their hair?  But one day while at Aveda get some toner I saw their dry shampoo and picked that up.  Again I didn’t like it, theirs felt more like wet sand in my hair I wasn’t a fan.  Than this past November I started watching beauty you tube channels and hearing how great dry shampoo is. So I started researching them again and watching how to videos on using it and learned Batiste was the brand to try.

I went on a search for Batiste dry shampoo I read it could be found at drugstores and Target but I never found it.  Then I watched an Ulta ‘haul’ video and saw someone picked some up there so the next time I was in Southcenter I stopped in and picked up their Deep & Dark Brown dry shampoo.

I waited a week to give it a try, see I’m that girl who shampoos and conditioners her hair EVERY SINGLE DAY I’m not one who would go a day without washing it, the thought just grossed me out. The first time I used it was a day I didn’t wash my hair that morning.  I re-watched YouTube video’s, I wanted to make sure I did it right and guess what I did.  It actually looked clean and as a BONUS it gave my hair some volume and it didn’t look dirty it looked clean.    I liked the smell it was a sweet fresh powder smell to it that lasted all day.

After using it for over a month now I found out it works best on real dirty hair, hair that has hair spray or product in it the day before and that I’ve used dry shampoo the day before.  This is a new phenomenon to me not washing my hair EVERY SINGLE DAY as well as having volume and body.  I’m on a quarter of the way through my second can and I plan on making it a part of my hair routine.

I no longer fear or hate dry shampoo’s thanks to YouTube and Batiste dry shampoo!