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I hate everything about you…

Short Long hate dislike list of the now:

  • Mutton chops, unless you’re Martin Van Buren shave them off!
  • Flavor savors/soul patches; they don’t look attractive on anyone and EWW GROSS!
  • Theatre reviews with 4 out of the 5 paragraph providing a synopsis  of what the story/show’s about, if I’m seeing the show more than likely I know the story so don’t repeat it in your review its annoying.
  • Rhubarb anything; celery’s step cousin both need to be banished.
  • Woe is me Facebook posts; once in a blue moon is OK but EVERY.SINGLE.DAY . is ridiculous, invest in therapy.
  • Passive aggressive Facebook post, grow some balls and just post what you want to (note taken for myself).
  • Sunday drivers on a Tuesday ; OMG people drive the speed limit on Beach Dr SW for the love of God please.
  • Writing my own review for work; I’m awesome that’s all you need to know.
  • Blow drying my hair, why can’t it just magically dry on its own?
  • Cheater drivers; you know the lane is going to end don’t try and cut in front me because I WON’T.LET.YOU. I’m a bitch like that, not sorry.
  • People who think they are invincible; you aren’t true story.
  • Pumping gas; why can’t I live in Oregon where it’s illegal for me to pump my own gas?
  • Being ignored; no explanation needed.
  • Waiting; what can I say I have no patients and I HATE waiting.
  • People who comment on your Instagram pictures, but can’t be bothered to like it.
  • Delivery options on Alki; they pretty much suck unless you like pizza but since I don’t they suck.
  • Book trilogies; once I finish the third book I’m invested and want more and there isn’t anymore. 😦
  • Traffic; why does it have to exist?
  • My knees; why must they cause me so much pain and agony?
  • When people are intentionally mean to others; don’t put others down to make yourself look or feel better it’s not nice.