Mama said knock you out – my mama refuses to be knocked out

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What my family has been though the past week in my professional world would be considered a Disaster Recovery Drill.  Thankfully we all passed and my mom’s OK.  She has been through the ringer during her life and for my own state of mind I decided to document all know medical related issues she’s had.

  • It all started February 20th of 1942 the day she was born. She was born at home; back than it was normal what wasn’t normal is she was born breach at home.  To top that all off she was born breach at home and weighed over 11 lbs, my poor nana.
  • In 1949 when she was 7 years old they noticed her right arm was shorter than her left arm and were never able to figure out what caused that.
  • In 1953 at age 11 she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and spent two years and in out of the hospital for that.
  • In June 1968 she was pregnant with my brother Scott and the birth was placenta previa so she had to have an emergency C-section or they both could have died, the doctor who preformed the surgery first name was Eugene and that’s how Scott got his middle name Eugene.
  • In March 1972 she was pregnant with me and since Scott’s birth was a C-section my birth also a C-section.
  • In November of 1979 she had the left side of her thyroid removed, as a 7 year old I was shocked to see her neck bandaged and her walking I assumed her thyroid was in her thigh, little did I know.
  • In December of 1984 she had a hysterectomy.
  • In January of 1989 she had surgery on a herniated cerruical disc.
  • In May 1996 she had her left hip replaced.
  • Also in May of 1996 she had to have and emergency colonoscopy because her intestines shut down and wouldn’t wake up after her hip replacement surgery, this is when it was identified she was allergic to morphine.
  • In June of 2005 she had 3 stents implanted at the same time.
  • In August of 2005 she had 9 more stents implanted at the same time.
  • In April of 2007 she had 1 more stent implanted.
  • In May 2007 she had 3 more stents implanted at the same time bring her total number of stents in her heart to 16, yes 16 all in her heart.
  • In May of 2005 she had a colonoscopy to have a polyp removed and due to blood loss had to have a blood transfusion 2 pints of blood.
  • In June 2008 she had her gallbladder removed.
  • In March of 2009 she had a right partial mastectomy.
  • In May of 2009 she decided to have a bilateral breast mastectomy.
  • In August of 2010 she had her right hip replaced.
  • In April 2013 she fell, hit her head and had bleeding on the brain.
  • In June of 2014 she had a vitrectomy on her right eye.
  • Also in June 2014 she fell due to pain in her hip and right knee.
  • In July of 2014 she was having issues breathing, low oxygen levels, low blood pressure, low blood sugar and a high temperature and admitted to ICU where they put her in an induced coma and on life support.  It was also identified she she has a meniscus tear in her right knee.

At some point she was also diagnosed with spinal stenosis, a herniated disc, and a few other issues that aren’t on her handy list she keeps in her purse.  She also has macular degeneration in her left eye, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

I won’t list all the medication she’s been on because that’s almost as long as this one.


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