Pink Macaroons and A Million Balloons and Performing Baboons


So in case you weren’t aware or didn’t see my post on Facebook  this morning today is National Macaroon Day since I prefer the French Macaron with just one “o” to the coconut macaroon with two “o’s”  I decided I’d celebrate with French Macarons instead of the shredded coconut Macaroon’s because shredded coconut in my mouth is a bad idea.

Before meeting Ashley for brunch at Macrina Bakery & Café I stopped in at Bakery Nouveau and picked up four macarons for us to split: mint, peanut butter & jelly, salted caramel and blueberry, more on these later.  Macrina Bakery had chocolate coconut macaroons so Ashely and I ordered one to split because it was National Macaroon Day after all and upon splitting it and trying it, it was reconfirmed I’m not a fan of the texture of shredded coconut in my mouth it brings on a gag reflex, so I didn’t even eat my half but at least I tried it.

Our next stop was Le Fournil were I tried a raspberry and Ashley tried a chocolate, these were both of our least favorites, they tasted like they’d been sitting around in the fridge for a long while, I wasn’t a big fan.  Next up we headed to Honore Artisan Bakery where we both tried their hazelnut which tasted amazing and much better than Le Fournil.  After that we headed to Le Rêve Bakery where they only had two flavors to pick from vanilla and lemon, I chose lemon and Ashley chose the vanilla.  They were great, I really like the texture and the very fresh lemony flavor of mine, Ashley liked hers as well but it was after all just a plain vanilla macaron.

OK back to Bakery Nouveau’s see I meant to bring them in for brunch but left them in my car and with Ashley driving we had to wait to try them after all others were tasted and even after sitting in my car and the fillings melting they were both our favorites I had the mint and blueberry with the mint being my winner of the day.  Ashley had the peanut butter & jelly and salted caramel and she also agreed these were her favorites too.  Now on UFC fight nights I have a feeling I’ll be tasked with picking some up on my way over…

mobile 005

Bakery Nouveau’s blueberry, peanut butter & jelly, salted caramel and mint macarons

mobile 010

Le Fournil chocolate coconut macaroon

mobile 012

Le Fournil chocolate and raspberry macarons

mobile 014

Honore Artisan Bakery two hazelnut macaroons

mobile 018

Le Rêve Bakery vanilla and lemon macarons

And in case you were wondering five French macarons and 1/4 macaroon is a lot of sugar for one person in one day.  🙂


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