Good jeans, with good care; A lifetime of good fade and good wear

Dear Plus Size Denim Designers,

If a black box can be built to withstand the crash of an airplane how come denim can’t be create that will withstand the friction of my thighs rubbing together?  Why???? Please explain this to me.   One would think someone could create Black box/Teflon like denim to make jeans for girls with thighs like mine.  You know thighs that love to touch themselves.

In the past year I’ve had to throw out 3 pairs of jeans where I’ve wore holes in the thighs.  Everywhere else they look like new but the thighs look like a throwback to the 90’s grunge scene.  I have 2 ½ (I’m still in denial about one of them) that will need to be tossed after two maybe three more wears/washes.  Yes that’s 5 ½ jeans that I’ll have tossed in the past 15 months.  I have a ton of jeans because secretly I’m a jeans-a-holic but all the jeans that I’ve rubbed wholes in were my dark wash straight leg, skinny, jeggings and I’m left with all light wash boyfriend, boot cut, flared, trousers, aka baggy jeans that are not that flattering on me.

Even though I’m still on a self-imposed non-shopping spree I’ve allowed myself to purchase new jeans to replace these kind of like a belated Christmas present, early Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick, and birthday present to myself.  So the other day I broke down and ordered four pairs from Nordstrom, I don’t plan on keeping all four maybe just two but a whole bunch of other stuff somehow ended up in my ‘shopping bag’ I had zero self-control, opps.  Who knows how much of that stuff will be returned, I blame this on you Plus Size Denim Designers, if you made jeans that didn’t wear thigh holes in them I wouldn’t have gone crazy at Nordstrom’s.

Zero Love for you,
The Mitzanator


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