Money, money, money, Must be funny, In the rich man’s world

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I have this wonderful tendency to not save money for the holidays.  When it comes time to buy Christmas presents I’ve not saved a dime and just whip out my credit card and charge everything.  I needed to change this stat.

So in 2012 I participated in the $5.00 savings plan.  Which basically consisted of you saving ever $5.00 bill you receive during any cash transaction.  It made me use cash more and at the end of the year I had over $600 in $5 bills to use for Christmas presents.  For 2013 I one upped myself and did the 52 weeks money challenge and saved the $1,378 plus interest to use for Christmas presents and fun for my two week trip in San Diego.   For 2014 I’m going to try and do both!  Whoa crazy I know.  For the 52 weeks I’m going to reverse the savings start with the $52 and work my way down to $1, when it got to the 40’s it was tough to move the money each week, I think it will be easier to start with the larger amounts early plus I’ll earn more interest this way!

The one thing I know I won’t be doing is getting cash back from Bartell’s, every single freaking time I did it in 2012 they gave me back four $5.00 totally defeating the purpose of getting cash back to use because it went straight into my savings cup.


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