Hurt so good

Finally knowing what’s wrong with my back is somewhat comforting.  Finding out that’s its sciatica is not so comforting.  When I was in San Diego in September and it hit I kept saying it was the worst pain I’ve ever felt and I had no other way to describe it.    It came back last Tuesday and again extremely painful but this time it started in my right calf instead of my lower back but gradually moved from my ankle to my butt all on the right side.  Now thankfully it has left my right side but moved to my left.

In talking with my mother about my tale of woe I found out not only does she have sciatica but so does my uncle and so did her mother (my nana).  My uncle informed her that his sciatica was more painful than his recent knee surgeries.  And apparently my nana told my mother that her sciatic pain was worse than child birth.  Considering she had her children at home 70+ years ago and my mother was born breach I’d have to say Holy Mother of God I think I’d rather go through childbirth than have all this pain.  Have no fear I have no desire to pop out any children but am very thankful for my ibuprofen, cyclobenzaprine and tramadol oh yes and my physical therapy exercises.  I’ve heard good things about acupuncture and sciatica so I think I might look into becoming a human pin cushion I’ll try anything to make it not hurt.


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