You can call me queen Bee

This post is brought to you by Pho, Whiskey, Skee Ball, Deviled Eggs, Lorde, Roar and Orange is the New Black

This past weekend will go down in the history books as one of the craziest funniest awesomest interesting weekends ever, for both Ashley and me.

Where do I begin…?

First off the night started with delicious Pho Ga from Pho Shizzle my nizzle!  Skip the calamari it was kind of chewy but the Pho was pretty tasty.

mobile 002 mobile 004

Next up was the No Bull Saloon where within 15 minutes of being there intoxicated “Shane” fell backwards in his chair and put a hole the size of a grapefruit in the wall, which made his eyes roll back in his head.  Next thing we know there’s a yelling match almost fight taking place in the corner, crazy I tell you.  Paramedics were called to look at “Shane” but he refused to go with them and just drunkenly stumble his way around until he just disappeared.  Not to outshine “Shane” we have “Whiskey” who was a drunken dead zombie (his words not mine), cut off and passing out money.  He did ask me to marry him that night than get an annulment the next morning, I broke his heart and said no.  No sooner had “Whiskey” left than toothless drink “Adrian” came over to ‘party’ with him.  I’m not sure he was toothless and slurring his words.  We disappointed him by leaving I think he might have cried a little because he really didn’t want us to leave.

mobile 006 mobile 008

After leaving the No Bull Saloon we headed down the road to Katie J’s which was lacking in excitement like the No Bull Saloon offered and the bartender was MIA they have 5 minutes and we were gone, thankfully or unthankfully she appeared but not before the drunk skeleton necklace man at the bar tried to engage us with conversation.  We got our beverages; mind you this is only our second drink of the night, and head over to the SKEE BALL machine!  We had so much fun playing Skee Ball embarrassed to admit it but the both of us broke a sweat.  It was about 10:30 at this time, yes so much fun and excitement so early in the night, and we headed back to Ashley’s for wine and a few episodes of Orange is the New Black.

mobile 012

We woke up Saturday morning and decided to do brunch at Chance’s Pancake Corral about 5 minutes before heading out the door Ashley’s place lost power…duh…duh…duh.  We arrive at Chance’s Pancake Corral and were told it would be a 30 to 35 minute wait well that ended up being almost an hour the pancakes weren’t worth and hour wait but they were tasty.  We head back to Ashley’s to watch a few more episodes of Orange is the New Black before we begin the Deviled Egg Day train only to find out power is STILL out.  So we head downtown anyway and decide to check out the new SAM exhibit Peru: Kingdoms of the Sun and the Moon, not that exciting but we were inside out of the elements and killed some time.  To kill more time I introduced Ashley to The Tasting Room in Post Alley where we each enjoyed a glass of wine before our deviled egg adventure.

mobile 003 mobile 006 mobile 008

We walked up to The Whiskey Bar, which per their menu online had deviled eggs only to discover that menu was old and they no longer have them so we left and head to our next stop Local 360 where we had BACON deviled eggs!  They were delicious and ended up being my favorite of the day.  Next stop was Taste at SAM where we had deviled eggs with smoked paprika again these were delicious and more of a pure deviled egg than any of the other places.  These ended up being Ashley’s favorite.  After Taste we headed up to Sazerac for their Deviled Eggs with Smoked Ham, Jalapeño these were the ones I was most excited about trying and they were OK but way to mustardy for the two of us and that’s saying a lot considering I’ve been known to make 7 mustard deviled eggs.  After Sazerac’s we headed down to the Yard House to try their Deviled Eggs topped with spicy tomato sauce, sweet chili sauce & minced chives let’s just say that combination did not work at all plus they were so messy you kind of needed to use a fork and knife to eat them.  Out last stop and another one I was excited to try was Palomino for their Truffled Deviled Eggs these were by far the most disappointing of the day.  You could tell they were premade and stuck in a fridge until someone ordered them.  They were small and sad and blah, don’t bother with them.  After that it was back to Ashley’s for more wine and Orange is the New Black.

mobile 013 mobile 015 mobile 017 mobile 019 mobile 022

Sunday we woke up and were trying to figure out where to go for brunch and decided to do the Salish Lodge and boy was that a good decision.  It was a drive but well worth it.  We were smart and made reservations before we left and were seated right away at a nice window table.  We shared the biscuits and honey from heaven which was pretty much to die for delicious!  Since Sunday was National Sandwich Day I went with the classic Croque Madame which was rich and delicious and served in this cute little skillet.  After brunch we walked over to grab a quick picture of Snoqualmie Falls than headed back home to finish up the last of Orange is the New Black.  We watched them all and now I’m sad we have no more until sometime in 2014.

mobile 004 mobile 006 mobile 017

And that is what makes for an awesome weekend, great friend, good food, entertaining bars and good TV.


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