You gone have to get over it

Things I’m currently OVER also known as things that may need to die already…

  • Kale, sorry I tried, I started with a kale salad and loved it but can’t into get the kale chips and sauteed kale just doesn’t work for me time to bring on the new leafy greens.
  • Cupcakes, I know WHAT? But I’m kind of over them I’ve moved on to bigger and better things…fancy donuts which are harder to get so I don’t indulge often.
  • Gas prices, if gas in Austin in only $2.99 a gallon why can’t gas in Seattle be $2.99 a gallon, why must it be $3.59 for me?  If the Pledge of Allegiance was true with its “one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.”  Justice for me would be gas for $2.99 a gallon, actually it would be gas for $.99 a gallon.
  • Movie remakes, how many Carries, Romeo and Juliet, Halloween, Total Recall’s do we really need?
  • Movember, I know it hasn’t even started yet but I’m already over all the unnecessary mustaches, I already dislike hipsters Movember makes everyone participating look like a douche hipster, there I said it!  Just do a 5K to raise money instead of grow a mustache.
  • Woe is me passive aggressive vague-booking post on Facebook.  I used to like them because they made me feel better about myself and my life; now I want to say 1) put your big girl panties on and grow the F#*k up already or 2) You’re right your life does suck.[1]
  • While I’m on the topic of Facebook the I’m so lonely post similar to the woe is me…but not, if you’re lonely go do something don’t spread your sadness to others causes that’s kind of a shitty thing to do.
  • The constant attention seeking vague-booking status update; similar to the woe is me status updates but not really….Look at me look at me ask me what’s wrong/going  on/happened/where I’m at updates is just annoying and pathetic in my book.  OK again once in while is OK but constantly doing it ANNOYING!
  • One more for Facebook…People who post anything on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter any social networking site and then bitch and moan about their privacy.  Let me tell you a little something, once you post anything on the internet it is no longer private, if you don’t want your shit known don’t post it simple as that.
  • Dark ’90s lipstick it didn’t look good on anyone in the 90’s (I know from experience) and it still not looking good on anyone now.
  • “Keep Calm” followed by a corny slogan need I say more?
  • Seattle’s Mayor Mike McGinn’s automated calling campaign calling every other day to ask for my support in the upcoming election.
  • People who brag about being from the 90′s, dressing like they are from the 80′s and listening to music from the 70′s.
  • Pop of color.  Oh wow you can wear all black and neon pick socks you are SO COOL.
  • Medical Marijuana dispensaries, popping up EVERY WHERE, I just say no to drugs call me a prude I don’t care.
  • Peep-toe boots who wants cold wet toes here in the great Pacific Northwet, I mean northwest, I don’t get the purpose of them.
  • Selfies I don’t need to see 10,000 MySpace fat girl angle photos of yourself and I don’t need to see what the bathroom you are taking them in looks like either.
  • Cinnamon Challenge, really…what’s the point of it?  Attempting to down a tablespoon of cinnamon with no water is a really stupid idea.
  • Zombie pop culture; we need to put a bullet through the head of this phenomenon, before it’s too late.
  • Turkey constantly impersonating other foods. Turkey Sausage? Turkey Burger? Turkey Bacon? Turkey ham? Turkey meatballs? Let’s just leave turkey for Thanksgiving and sandwiches please.
  • Peplum, not fat girl friendly, either wear a top or a skirt don’t put the two together, this shirt skirt hybrid needs to die.
  • Horrific formatting of work documents, how hard is it to select all and make everything the same font, size and color?  As well as making the text in each cell formatted the same?  Don’t have part of the text be top aligned, part aligned text right, part centered and then some bottom aligned.  If there is significance to the mixed formatting I get it otherwise clean that shit up before sending out in a mass email and embarrassing yourself.
  • Inconsiderate ill-mannered people.  Trust me it’s not hard to say “please” “thank-you” “bless you” or “excuse me” I use those words on the time they come out naturally as they should with everyone.  If you are asking someone for a favor start the ask with something like “can you please…” when they do it remember to say “thanks or thank you” when someone sneezes say “bless you” or even “gesundheit” and if you bump into someone or burp or fart or anything of that nature say “excuse me”.  Polite well-mannered people are so much nicer to be around.

[1] I don’t hate Facebook or my Facebook Friends really I don’t, just had to put that out that, not that anyone is actually going to read this and see my rant.


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