See I been traveling, been traveling forever

I’ve done my fair share of traveling the past year and I realize that not everyone travels as often as I have and have no clue about proper etiquette for traveling so I thought I’d share some of the do’s and don’ts of flying.

  • At security when they say empty your pockets, take off your jackets and remove your shoes they mean EVERYONE you are not excluded so don’t hold up the line by not doing it
  • No clipping fingernails or toenails for that matter at the gatemobile 005
  • No eating of cucumber, bell pepper sandwiches near me
  • Remember to bring your teeth
  • Remember to wear deodorant
  • A nice blouse with sweats is wrong
  • No ‘personal’ conversations while waiting in any line or on the plane
  • No loud complaining
  • Stilettos are not good travel foot ware
  • Don’t hog the outlets once your electronic has juice share the wealth
  • Wear layers you never know if the plane will be hot or cold so be prepared
  • Be cautious of those already seated in the aisle as you walk by
  • If you are sick stay home or cover your nose & mouth when you sneeze or cough
  • No sitting by me if you reek of smoke
  • Pay attention to your child there will be no kicking the back of my seat
  • If things are tight no putting your seat back, if you in front of me don’t get mad when I hit the back of the seat while trying to turn the pages of my book or magazine; yes I said book, I’m old school I like to read real book
  • Get something other than a black suitcase so you can identify your bag at baggage claim

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