Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, Mighty is your name

If we are friends on Facebook or you follow me on Instagram you know that this past weekend I had an awesome Eastern Pennsylvania Adventure with Ashley.  It was her trip I was just along for the ride and what a ride it was.  Fun was had by all and I got to experience Pennsylvania in a whole new way. The first 2.5 days we stayed with her parents who live in Oval, PA which when I looked it up online it has a total population of 361 people based on its 2010 census.  Now if you know me you know I am a water/city girl through and through but a few days in the country is a wonderful thing.  Here let me show you.

These pictures were all taken at or very near to Ashley’s parents house, who by the way rent their house from an Amish couple, yes I did sneak a picture of the children when they came to visit and know I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t resist they were so cute.  At least they had no clue I was doing it.

mobile 001I only meant to get the horse and buggy in this one but by the time I grabbed my phone to take a picture he was back from the phone booth and got in the picture, opps.

mobile 003A view of the Amish cornfields from their driveway.

mobile 006 (2)Me looking for children of the corn, none were found.

mobile 006Three of their neighbors children they are so cute how could I not sneak a picture of them?

mobile 009While going to get breakfast at Sheetz we were stuck behind this cane motorcycle man.

mobile 012Tobacco fields that they were in the process of harvesting.

mobile 015 (2)Pennyslvania 005The Amish farm around the corner from their was were Sunday church was taking place, so many horse and buggies.

mobile 017One of her mother’s huge sunflowers they were pretty amazing.

mobile 018The trees were covered in gypsy moth they were creepy, gross and cool all at the same time.

mobile 023 (2)Letting everyone know they were in Amish county so watch out.

mobile 026That’s what an Amish phone booth looks like, it’s not an outhouse. 😉

mobile 030Pennyslvania 015This is their neighbors farm, the whole thing was filed with tobacco drying.

mobile 040Pennyslvania 021The sunset from their driveway, it was a beautiful site. 

   Pennyslvania 016I just loved the weeping willow tree.

On our second day we went to Knoebel’s it was my first time and it was fun even in the oppressive heat and humidity I still enjoyed myself.  It is and has been America’s largest free admission park for 87 years of operation, you can spend all day there and not spend a penny but that might be a bit boring to some.  If you want to ride rides your options are buying books of tickets or paying for an all day pass, we stopped at Weis’s Market and bought a $20 book of tickets for $16 which was more than enough tickets for me.

mobile 007The sign to let you know you arrived!

mobile 008A map and $20 book of tickets to start the day.

Pennyslvania 010mobile 010 mobile 011 We started the day off by jumping on the Pioneer Train ride, it takes you under the Twister and into some trees.

mobile 013Our first real ride of the day was the Twister a wooden roller coaster which was a lot of fun, I couldn’t stop laughing.

mobile 014Next we went on the Flume where I got SOAKED holy crapped did that thing get me wet, it did feel good in the heat though.

mobile 015We went on the Haunted Mansion, which warns parents that is can be scary for children, it wasn’t though I did jump once, it was cool inside so that was a bonus.

mobile 019mobile 020Next it was a soft serve ice cream break, I splurged and got mine in a pretzel cone and holy cow where have pretzel cones been all my life the saltiness of the pretzel cone with the sweet soft serve was awesome.

mobile 022 mobile 023 mobile 024After soft serve we headed over to the Grand Carousel, a 1913 carousel built by Kramer Carousel Works in Brooklyn, with 63 hand-carved horses by Charles Carmel, it was a pretty carousel and I think Miley Cyrus may have been a fan of Charles Carmel’s work. 

mobile 030 (2) mobile 031Pennyslvania 023Pennyslvania 031 Now I cherished my soft server too much to ride the Italian Trapeze but Ashley and her mother went on and enjoyed their swing, I loved the look and colors of this ride. mobile 037We went to check out their Bald Eagle habitat here you see the two eagles they have on display.

mobile 040 (2)If you ever make to Knoebel’s do not I repeat do not waste you tickets on the Black Diamond it was the biggest waste of time and tickets and now anytime something is hyped up to be so fun/amazing/awesome and it’s not it will be known as black diamond.  In other words I hated it and the worst part was the was the one ride I picked for us to try, never allow me to pick your ride when at Knoebel’s I’m a total ride picker fail.

mobile 041 mobile 043Pennyslvania 042 Ashley was nice enough to join me while I went on the Giant Wheel.  If you live in the area and have never been I say make a point to go it’s kitschy and fun and something everyone should experience once in their life.

While at Knoebel’s we went on more than just these rides and what’s sad is that Kozmo’s Kurves a family friendly roller coaster was MORE exciting than Black Diamond.  Their Skooter Bumper Cars were some of the best bumper cars I’ve ever been on so definitely be sure to check those out.

Once we finally made it back to her parents house we went to the Nippenose Tavern where I had Yuengling Lager or 3, I mean when in PA you must have a Yuengling right.  They had one person working who was bartender, waitress and cook and she was pregnant to boot.  But I will tell you this the food was good, the beer was cold and the jukebox was fun, if you happen to be in the area it’s worth checking out or at least trying their wings done the way I like them, fried crispy and than sauced.

mobile 063 mobile 058Sunday morning we work up and were heading to the Reading are to have an early dinner with her grandparents but on the way I wanted to stop at the site of the Little League World Series and we did.  Thankfully nothing was going on and I could get a picture of the whole fields with no one in it, it was smaller than I anticipated but cool nonetheless.

Pennyslvania 011 mobile 028 Pennyslvania 014 Pennyslvania 013 (2)mobile 005The rest of the trip was spent seeing her family and searching for Lebanon Levi and the Amish Mafia, kidding, not really, yes really.

mobile 002Really funny street sign, I wanted fish and chips not oil and chips.

  mobile 008The monsoon we that hit us on our way back to the Philly airport, so crazy.

 mobile 013Waiting for our flight

mobile 016My one and only chicken cheese steak before jumping on the plane and heading home.

Pennyslvania 003These tomatoes are some of the BEST tomatoes my mouth has had the pleasure of devouring, I wish I could have smuggled some in my suitcase but I didn’t want to get home and have bruschetta mixed in with my dirty clothes. mobile 002Now this my friends is the most amazing thing ever YELLOW WATERMELON yes it deserved all caps it was that damn good.  I am now on a mission to find myself some YELLOW WATERMELON in Seattle it has to be available somewhere, someone out there please help me find some!

The End.




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