What Trouble We Could Get Into In Sweet Home San Diego

My week in San Diego in Instagram…

Day 1 aDay 1 bDay 1 c
Mt Rainier/Mt St Helen’s/Sunset on the wing

Day 2 aDay 2 bDay 2 c
3 beef rolled tacos – BARF/3 chicken rolled tacos – YUM/Pizookie trio from BJ’s

Day 3 b
CSI slot machine at Barona

Day 4 aDay 4 cDay 4 dDay 4 eDay 4 fDay 4 gDay 4 hDay 4 iDay 4 jDay 4 k

My Bunny/J St Marina/Art at Chula Vista Bayside Park/Neiderfrank’s!/Chocolate Mexicano/Imperial Beach Pier/IB/Surfer at IB/IB/IB Pier

Day 5 aDay 5 bDay 5 c
Day 5 d
Dogfish Head Black & Blue/Regal Beagle Ale House/Jalapeno & cheddar sausage with tots/I am Jess Spano for the night

Day 6 aDay 6 bDay 6 cDay 6 dDay 6 eDay 6 fDay 6 gDay 6 hDay 6 iDay 6 j
Dusty Trails ‘tattoo’/Dusty running the obstacle course/Running barrels/The border fence/The Bullring by the Sea/Border Patrol ‘protecting’ hard at work/The most southwest you can go in the contential United States before the Border Patrol yell at you/Shrimp & fish taco/Superman head bobbin’/Thrifty ice cream date with the ‘rents


Day 7 aDay 7 bDay 7 cDay 7 dDay 7 eDay 7 fDay 7 gDay 7 hDay 7 iDay 7 jDay 7 kDay 7 lDay 7 n
San Diego sunburn/Happy Father’s Day Dad/Gettin’ my church on/Cathie’s BLT Mary/Andy’s sage fried chicken and bacon waffle tower/Blurry family photo taken by the waiter/Deep fried bacon pickle/Mexican Funnel Cake BEST.THING.EVER/Grey blue black pearl/Deep fried avocado = GROSS/Wilbur or Babe!/Big black cock rooster/Austin not impressed with his Aunt Mitzie


Day 8 a
Last meal in San Diego, shrimp torta from Miguel’s

San Diego you burned me good, but you also fed me well, until next time.


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